Here at ScubaTony, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is expected. That is how we became leaders in the Cozumel dive industry. We have created new policies and procedures by combining local regulations with what the WHO, CDC, DAN, SSI, and PADI have all suggested. Our staff has been trained in the new procedures. All of our staff have also completed their first response training and are certified to deal with people exposed to airborne pathogens. Please be considerate of our staff and take the extra measures listed below. It’s important to note that we have a very flexible cancelation policy during this time and are always willing to work with you. Thank you so much and lets FINALLY get some dives in.


Cleaning Stations

  • Hand Sanitizer on both boats and in the small and large bodega/meeting area in the marina.
  • Shoe sanitizing mats in the marina
  • Sanitizing wipes for guests in the boat.
  • Thoroughly sanitizing gear beyond the minimum requirements outlined by DAN.

Staff Requirements

  • If you are showing symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and tiredness, do not come to work. Let us know and we will replace you for the day. 14-day quarantine unless you provide a negative CV test.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Sanitize and wash hands frequently (every 30 minutes)
  • Offer guests hand sanitizer upon arrival and throughout the trip. Dispense sanitizer for guests
  • Physical contact with staff and guests is prohibited
  • DMs - Offer sanitizing wipes to guests before gearing up in order to disinfect their mask and mouthpiece
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Everyone - No jewelry
  • Everyone - Check and record your temperature, sign, and date - daily.
  • Everyone - Sign a declaration of health (I have no symptoms) - daily.
  • Everyone - Don’t touch the cylinder valve with your fingers or the first stage valve.
  • Captains and Viernes - Wear a mask at all times.
  • Captains and Viernes - Reports of sanitary actions - sign and date daily
  • DMs - need a mask when they aren’t diving - Try to do the briefing out of the boat respecting social distancing guidelines (only when marina meeting)
  • Get a verbal statement from the guest that they don't have any symptoms related to COVID-19

Guest Requirements & Options

  • Each person in your reservation will need to fill out waivers electronically prior to arrival and provide a photo of certification.
  • If you feel any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and tiredness please do not come to the marina or to the boat and call a doctor. Please let our reservations team know that you aren’t coming so we can adjust your reservation. We have a very flexible cancelation policy at the present time.
  • We have sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers available.
  • Please bring as few things on board as possible and keep them organized under your seat.
  • Physical contact with staff and other guests is prohibited.
  • Discounted private charters for smaller groups
  • By local authority, you should be wearing a mask. Please show up wearing a mask and wear it up until your first dive and after your second dive.
  • Recommended - (If you have your own gear) - rinse your reg and mask and take with you.
  • Please consider using our Paypal option for your final payment.
  • By regulations, If you display any symptoms like cough, sneezing, fever or anything related to COVID-19 please DO NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR TRIP, send an email to our reservation team which will take care your reservation/schedule.
  • In order to ensure a safe as possible experience for our guests, our staff will be asking you for a verbal statement for no COVID-19 symptoms. We appreciate your understanding and honesty.

Sanitizing Gear

  • 4% bleach solution for 1 minute (CDC via DAN)


  • NO FRUIT - Only individually wrapped foods until further notice.

Summary and Outline

Beginning your shift in the marina (Staff)

In the morning/afternoon you will arrive wearing a mask. Keep the mask on. Wash your hands in the restroom to start your shift. Disinfect your shoes on the mat and put the mat by the bench for guests to disinfect their shoes. Take temperature and record it, and sign a clean bill of health (that you have no symptoms)date it and sign the temp document. Disinfect the benches. Disinfect the main touchable areas on the boat where guests will be (seats). Set up the boats like normal. DO NOT TOUCH THE VALVES OF THE TANKS OR THE FIRST STAGE OF REGS. Check o-rings prior to departure, have plenty of extra tanks. Sign and Date that you have disinfected the area before the trips on AM cleaning sheet. When guests arrive offer them hand sanitizer. Do the briefing outside the boats.


Only staff are allowed in the cooler


Hand sanitizer - do briefing in the boat.

Arrival at dive site:

Put scuba gear in front of the guest and offer them a sanitization wipe for final sanitization of mask and mouthpiece. (This should be in the briefing)

After dives

The diver should hold onto their mask (ask divers to keep it around their neck to prevent loss). Staff should avoid touching their regulator.

Surface interval

Go to a beach where everyone can spread out. DM - Put your PPE mask back on and do the briefing on the beach for the next dive site.

Back in the marina

Disinfect equipment. Captains disinfect the entire boat and sign and date the daily cleaning sheet. Disinfect the bench area. Rental gear stays with the same person during their visit. Ask guests with their own gear to disinfect their reg and mask and take with them.

Dan Insurance

For added peace of mind during during your trip, we also recommend DAN Insurance. Click on the link below for more information.