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About Us
Team ScubaTony


The Best Cozumel Dive Shop! With our three small, fast boats and early morning departures, you'll be the first divers on the reef.

  • Six passengers maximum per boat
  • Our love for the reef & passion for diving shows on every trip
  • Service-oriented dive operation that wants you to leave happy
  • The best rental gear you’ll find anywhere.
  • BCDs with integrated weight pockets
  • We wash, store, and set up your gear
  • Certifications starting as low as $500 with E-Learning included
  • Try scuba diving by boat with our two-tank DSD experience for $155
Let's Go!

The Ultimate Scuba Diving Experience

ScubaTony is a full service dive operation. We offer fun dives for certified divers. Open water certifications and advanced certifications. We also offer a discover scuba experience for someone that wants to try scuba before they commit to a full scuba certification. We do it all!

Scuba Instruction Boat Diving

Small, Six Passenger Boats

Concierge diving with personal attention makes a safer and more enjoyable dive experience. Any more than six divers in a group is too crowded! Avoid the larger groups.

Early Departure Times & Fast Boats

In the morning, we beat the other dive operators by being the first boat to the dive site, giving you undisturbed reefs and more wildlife. This also means you’ll get first dibs at beautiful surface interval piers & beaches, plus shorter boat rides thanks to our fast boats! This gives us the ability to give you the best Cozumel scuba diving experience possible.


Better Rental Gear

Have faith in getting the best rental gear anywhere in the world. All of our rental gear is Aqualung with the above-normal rental gear models. Our BCDs have integrated weight pockets for a more comfortable dive. No more fidgeting with uncomfortable weight belts. Enjoy your dives with gear that we ourselves use!

Best Crew

We attract the best dive professionals on and off the island. The ScubaTony team is second to none because we are organized and work together as a team. Our crew is cheerful, and they love diving in Cozumel. We create a culture and live happy, aligned lives to show people our love for the ocean.

Enjoy The Diving

Scuba Instruction in Cozumel

Our Open Water Dive courses include all instruction, E-Learning materials you complete at home, tanks, weights, rental gear (BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins, dive computer, and wetsuit if needed), certification fees, marine park fees, boat fees, and taxes. All the in-water instruction takes place in the ocean (by shore & by boat), not in a pool! Private instruction fees apply to single students.

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From First-Time Divers to Advanced Courses

Scuba Certifications in Cozumel

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@scubatony.com!

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

The Discover Scuba Diving program is for those who want to try scuba diving in Cozumel for the first time. No previous training or experience is needed. This experience allows you to enjoy scuba diving under a professional dive instructor's direct supervision and guidance without completing the full scuba certification course.
Almost anyone can enjoy this experience, from age ten and up. Certified divers are welcome to tag along with DSD students at the certified two-tank trip rate. If you are unsure that you will like diving, this is a great option before doing a full certification.


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SSI & PADI Open Water Diver Certification with E-Learning

E-Learning is an online course that SSI and PADI offer. You complete all the knowledge development sections and quizzes online before coming to dive Cozumel. Once you are here, we will complete your certification in three afternoons. All dives are done by shore & by boat in the ocean, not in a pool!
$500 with SSI
$590 with PADI

*Private instruction fees apply to single students*

$500 - $590

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Referral Course

For SSI or PADI Open Water Dive students who have completed academic and confined water training at their local dive shop and want to complete their open water dives in Cozumel the referral course is for you. This is a nice option as it limits your training time during your vacation. You will complete the 4 - Open Water training dives over two afternoons. Two dives are done by shore & two dives by boat in the ocean, not in a pool!

*Private instruction fees apply to single students*


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Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox offers an added safety measure against decompression sickness. It also allows a diver additional no decompression bottom time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. If you dive four tanks in a day, then it’s recommended to dive 1 or 2 tanks on Nitrox. The Nitrox course includes a two-tank dive trip, two nitrox tanks, E-Learning material from SS or PADI, all instruction, certification fees, marine park fees, boat fees, and taxes.


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Advanced Certification

Once you have your Open Water Scuba Certification, you can move on to become an Advanced diver. We strongly encourage divers just to enjoy diving in Cozumel while on vacation and don’t recommend this course for any divers with less than 25 logged dives. Still, we’ll gladly set it up for you if you want this certification. This course gives you additional knowledge and experience via five specialty dives.

SSI calls this the Advanced Adventurer (AA)
PADI calls this the Advance Open Water (AOW)

SSI AA - $525
SSI AA/Nitrox Bundle - $630
PADI AOW - $670
PADI AOW/Nitrox Bundle - $825

*Private courses (one on one) add $150*


Dive Cozumel

Certified Scuba

All our guides are Certified Dive Masters or Instructors

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Certified Scuba Diving Services

Boat Diving

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@scubatony.com!

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Two-Tank Boat Diving

Scuba diving in Cozumel is based on two-tank dive trips. We have daily morning (7:30 am) and afternoon (1:00 pm) departures. One trip takes 4-5 hours on our fast boats. Travel time to the reef is usually less than 30 minutes. The price includes tanks, weights, marine park fees, taxes, fresh fruit, sodas, souvenir ScubaTony water bottles with purified water, and a professional guide. Our guides are PADI-certified instructors and divemasters with years of experience in Cozumel.


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5 Two-Tank Dive Package

If you're coming to Cozumel to DIVE, DIVE, DIVE, then we have a dive package available! If you reserve 5 or more two-tank trips, you will pay $110 per trip instead of $120 . The two-tank twilight/night dive is $125 per trip instead of $130 . This package cannot be divided between divers.


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Rental Gear

We are an Aqualung partner. Rental gear fees are charged once daily, not per two-tank trip.

  • Mask, Fins and Snorkel - Free
  • Regulator $10
  • BCD $10
  • Shortie 3mm Wetsuit $10
  • Long 3mm Wetsuit $10
  • Nitrox (2 Tanks) $16
  • Dive Light $10
  • Dive Computer $10

Sometimes, we can sell our like-new rental gear at wholesale prices, and we will take your rental cost off if you decide to buy something. These prices are around 50% off retail prices! Contact us for more details at info@scubatony.com

Read More about Gear

Free - $16

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Private Charter

If you want a boat all to yourself to scuba Cozumel; then a private charter is THE WAY TO GO. We have two-tank and three-tank private charters starting at $625. This is a great way to get to more advanced dive sites and have more privacy. Please reserve this well in advance, as spaces for private charters are limited. Ask for more information on Private Charter via email at info@scubatony.com



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Twilight 2 Tank Dive

You can join us for our two-tank twilight/night dive for an exciting new experience! We depart late in the afternoon, diving the first tank as the sun is low in the sky. It is the perfect time to dive any of Cozumel’s famous wall dive sites! After the first dive, we watch the sunset before jumping in for the night dive. Cozumel is the place to begin if you have never done a night dive before. With its warm, clear water, Cozumel has some of the best night diving in the world. It is like diving into a whole new ocean. The corals and marine life are entirely different during the night. The octopi come out to feed, as do lobsters, crabs, eels, and many other creatures you don't often see during the day. When you turn the lights off, you will be amazed at the sparkles (bioluminescence) in the Caribbean waters. A minimum of 2 divers are required to send out the two-tank twilight/night dive.

*Divers must dive at least one day time (AM or PM) two-tank dive the day before joining this special trip. Our crew will evaluate your skills and approve you to join this special trip*


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Nitrox & Specialty Tanks

You must be Nitrox certified to dive with Nitrox. Not certified? We can help you with that too - ENRICHED AIR NITROX SPECIALTY

We have 32% Nitrox tanks available in the standard AL80 and the larger AL100 tanks. We also have AL100 air tanks available.

Specialty Tank Prices:

Nitrox AL80 $8 / Tank
Nitrox AL100 $12 / Tank
Air AL100 $7 / Tank

$7+ / Tank

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Scuba Refresher

Have you been dry for too long? People often ask about our thoughts on getting a refresher. The simple answer is, if you are thinking about it, you should do it!

ScubaTony requires refreshers for any divers in the following categories:
Less than 50 logged dives. Haven't dove in more than 2 years.
More than 50 logged dives. Haven't dove in more than 4 years.

Any diver that hasn't dived in more than 8+ years needs to complete the DSD.

We offer two ways to get you back in the water and ready for some epic diving!

- Private Guide
- Discover Scuba

Private Guide - Normal dive costs plus $100

Private Guides are for divers out of the water for less than 8 years or someone who is nervous/apprehensive about diving. This is a personal guide just for you and/or your dive buddy to get comfortable again. Your personal DM/instructor to give you an informal refresher and give you their attention while you regain your confidence in scuba.

Discover Scuba - $155

This is an entry-level scuba experience designed for non-certified divers which allows you to dive to a maximum of 40ft. It is a 30min instruction on necessary dive skills and skill practice in shallow water followed by a two-tank boat dive. We offer our DSD dives/Refreshers in the afternoons only and require a minimum of 2 divers. This is a more affordable option than hiring a private guide as all gear is included

Read More about Scuba Refresher


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Video Options

Please contact us for more information regarding the Photo and Video packages we have available at info@scubatony.com

GoPro HERO10 Rental - $45
Professional underwater photographer starting at $180

Check out the latest Video



Other Services

Gear Service - FREE

If you are diving for two or more days with us, we would be happy to take care of your dive equipment. Gear service includes rinsing, sterilizing, drying, and having it on the boat ready to go with a full tank for your next dive. No need to haul around all of your equipment every day. We do ask that divers take their personal wetsuits and booties with them.



ScubaTony T-Shirts are $25 each
ScubaTony Eagle Ray Print Rashguards are $45 each
ScubaTony Hats are $25 each

Please ask your Divemaster to show you what we have available if you’re interested!

Towards the Sea

Our Crew

The best scuba diving professionals on the island!

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our guests. If you have any other questions, please contact us below!

We have invested a lot of time and money to get our PADI instructors certified as SSI instructors so that we can offer you the same certifications that we provide through PADI at a better price point. There are also added benefits like the convenience in which the material is delivered, the instructor's flexibility during your course, and your own SSI profile that comes with added features as a certified diver.

Here's an article we wrote about PADI vs SSI.
As a small boutique dive shop with limited spaces, we focus on Scuba Diving! We have three options for people who want to join divers on the boat.

1. Reserved space-- The price is the same as a certified diver, which is $120 --- this includes snorkel rental gear, marine park fee, taxes, sodas, snacks, and a ScubaTony water bottle.
2. Last-minute space-- If there are still available spaces onboard the boat you'll be diving on, we can add people last minute. The space can be confirmed the afternoon before the scheduled dive at 5:00 PM. The price is reduced to $75 & includes snorkel rental gear, marine park fee, taxes, sodas, snacks, and a ScubaTony water bottle.
3. Private Charter--- Check out our Private Charter info here
A great option for this is Discover Scuba Diving. It is a chance for people to try scuba without going through an entire certification class. Certified friends and family are welcome to tag along and pay the normal rate for a two-tank dive.
As a small boutique dive shop with limited spaces, we focus on Scuba Diving! We have three options for people who want to join divers on the boat.

1. Reserved space-- The price is the same as a certified diver, which is $120 --- this includes snorkel rental gear, marine park fee, taxes, sodas, snacks, and a ScubaTony water bottle.
2. Last-minute space-- If there are still available spaces onboard the boat you'll be diving on, we can add people last minute. The space can be confirmed the afternoon before the scheduled dive at 5:00 PM. The price is reduced to $75 & includes snorkel rental gear, marine park fee, taxes, sodas, snacks, and a ScubaTony water bottle.
3. Private Charter--- Check out our Private Charter info here
Yes! The shore dive sessions are $75 per certified diver, and the boat dive session is $120 per certified diver. Rental gear is not included.
Depending on the season, we recommend at least one month. Our calendar is generally 80-90% full 30 days out.
Contrary to most dive shops, we don't recommend an advanced certification immediately without diving a bit more first. Most new divers are still working on the basics of buoyancy. You will always be with a dive professional in the water when you book with us. We freely offer advice and suggestions on improving your dive skills and drift dive with ease. We believe that bottom time makes good divers, not certifications.
We can't pick you up at the terminal. That privilege is reserved for the big dogs on the island, which we are not. We are just a short 5-15 min taxi ride away from all the cruise ship piers, and we will give you complete directions on how to get to us once you’ve completed your reservation.
Unfortunately, we can no longer offer our regular 2-tank trips to divers coming from cruise ships. We can offer you a Private Charter, or you can join us in the afternoon as Discover Scuba Divers. Diving with us is dependent on your local Cozumel arrival and departure times. Email us for more information on diving with us while in Cozumel on a cruise.
All divers who stay north of our departure location must board the boats at Marina Fonatur. We do not offer land transportation. See our location here.
We offer pier and shore pick-ups at all oceanside hotels, houses, and beach clubs located within the Marine Park. These include: El Presidente, Landmark, Costa Del Sol, Tortugas Beach Club, Dreams, Sabor, Secrets Aura, Residencias Reef, Paradise Beach Club, Allegro, Occidental Grand, and Iberostar.
How you will meet us for diving depends on where you are staying. We will give you complete written instructions when you make your reservation. Or see the other FAQ above.
We do not have a "brick & mortar" dive shop. We run everything online! When you make your reservation, we will give you detailed instructions on where to meet us. Check out our meeting location here
We do not offer transportation from the mainland. You must take a ferry from Playa del Carmen and then a taxi to meet us at Marina Fonatur. If you can't spend the night in Cozumel the day before you want to dive, you can’t join our morning departure. We suggest you take one of the earliest ferries at 8 or 9 AM and spend the morning exploring downtown Cozumel-- this way if you miss a ferry, you have a backup ferry to catch. We will give you detailed instructions to get across once you have made your reservation.
As a small boutique dive operation, we decide where we dive each day on the boat after all the divers are on board. Sites are chosen based on diver requests, diver ability, and ocean conditions. We dive the sites within the protected National Marine Park, home to 20+ dive sites. We can't guarantee any dives at any specific sites. You can make a note in the "special request" box when you make your reservation, and we'll do our best to get you there!
As an Aqualung partner, all of our rental gear is Aqualung. All of our BCDs have integrated weights. We're proud to say that we have the best rental gear in the world.
PADI charges a large fee to offer E-learning. We cannot absorb that cost. It does save you some vacation time and the course is very thorough online. The Instruction page has all the pricing listed.
We cater to all levels of divers! We suggest that inexperienced divers book in the afternoon, as the morning trips generally have the more experienced divers. You may consider booking a Discover Scuba as your first trip or reserve a private guide to ensure you are comfortable in the water. We always offer help and suggestions to new divers to help them improve their skills. Most dive sites in Cozumel are very easy. Once you try drift diving, you may become hooked!
No, we can't guarantee dives at any specific sites. You can make a note in the "special request" box when you make your reservation, and we'll do our best to get you there!
Not at all. You will be diving with a certified divemaster or instructor on all dives, and they will be your buddy.
No! Most of the time, the current is mild (about 1 knot). It does change, but if the current is too strong, we will pick a different site to dive that day.
Invoices are paid in cash (USD or Peso) on your last diving day directly to the divemaster, who will have a copy of your invoice. We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, or money transfers. You may pay your total due with a 5% merchant fee applied through PayPal. We will send you a PayPal payment request to the email with which the reservation was made after your last dive. We do not work with other online payment systems such as Venmo or Cashapp. If you’re a mixed group (multiple single divers or multiple couples), please be aware that we CAN NOT split invoices. If you want separate invoices, you must make individual reservations.
You are responsible for checking with your cruise ship if their “ship time” matches the local Cozumel time for your arrival and departure. Mobile devices may not change to the local time. Please confirm your devices match the local time when you arrive so that you can arrive on time for your dives.
Hopefully! I love to dive even after all these years but the demands of the biz have kept me in the office more lately. Tell me or my staff that you would like to dive with me and I will do everything I can to get in the water to play too!
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Are you Certified?

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Are you Certified?

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Are you Certified?

Need Equipment?

Are you Certified?

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Where to find us

Our Location

*If you use Google Maps directions, it will route you to park in the wrong location. Please use the link below for driving directions.
ScubaTony Parking
See the map below for the location of our bodega.

Stay on the Island


We have made great friends over the years with boutique accommodations that we think you will love. Why stay in a crowded, overpriced All-Inclusive when you can have the privacy and intimate setting of a private condo or home- along with the personal service they offer for a similar price point? We have noticed an ugly trend with how the All-Inclusives do business, so we don’t recommend them to our divers.

Here, in no particular order are the best places to stay in Cozumel:

Luxury Cozumel

If luxury is what you’re looking for then check out some of the nicest villas in Cozumel.

Casa Phoenix

How would you like to stay at the #1 rated vacation rental in Cozumel? For 5-star luxury and convenience, it's Casa Phoenix, where the ocean is at your back door

Fulvio Cozumel Rentals

Check out Fulvio’s web site is you are looking for accommodation. He has a small company, with 30 vacation rental properties.

Stingray Villa

Do you like lounging poolside with a cold margarita and feeling the warm sun against your body? Now imagine waking up to a fresh cup of organic coffee from the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico and heading out to your own outdoor patio.

Tamarindo Bed and Breakfast

This highly ranked B&B is set among tranquil, tropical gardens and palapa roofs, offering privacy and relaxed surroundings. Furnished with vibrant local decor alongside luxury accommodations, guests have called Tamarindo their home in Cozumel for over 25 years!

Rainbow Suites

Their vacation rentals are located a 15-minute walk from Rafael E. Melgar Avenue, considered the most important avenue in Cozumel, where you will find a wide variety of restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and ocean views.

Please note that we do not offer boat pick-up for all of the above-recommended accommodations. It is the divers' responsibility to check the location of their accommodations.
We can pick you up!

Locations With Boat Pick Up

We only offer to pick up divers by boat from these hotels, condos, and villas along the southern shoreline of the National Marine Park:

ScubaTony Pick Up
  • Presidente - dock pick up
  • Landmark - pier pick up
  • Paradise Condos - pier pick up at Tortugas Beach Club
  • Costa Del Sol - pier pick up
  • Villa Eden - dock pick up
  • Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor - pier pick up ($5 fee- per diver, per day)
  • Residencias Reef - beach pick up in the AM - pier pick up in the PM
  • Allegro - beach pick up
  • Occidental Grande - beach pick up
  • Iberostar - beach pick up

All divers who stay north of our departure location must board the boats at Marina Fonatur. We do not offer land transportation. ScubaTony Rental Vehicles are available if you would like to reserve one for traveling to & from Marina Fonatur. Check out our Car Rental blog post for more information.

Everyone is an Ocean stakeholder, because 50% of our Oxygen comes from Ocean algae. You don't have to be a diver, or a shark scientist, or coral farmer, or a mangrove farmer to need a healthy ocean.

- George Cummings -
Our Oceans

Protecting OUr Oceans

The single most important thing that I can share with fellow divers is information about the current state of the ocean. I have often felt like the problems the ocean is facing are too big for me to change and I’ve felt quite hopeless. It’s sad to see a piece of plastic while I’m diving or whenever I go for a walk on the beach on the East side of the island, I take a trash bag because I know that there’s going to be a lot of plastic. Recently I got to meet George Cummings. He is one of 1500 ocean ambassadors to the UN. These 1500 people represent the voice of the ocean and it’s creatures and the UN has put the health of the ocean as a top priority and feels that if the ocean gets to the point beyond saving then the domino effect will be catastrophic and will cause the problems that were their top priority to get that much worse.

Ocean Plastic

When asking George about his work this is what he shared, “Like the many problems of the Ocean, there are many Ocean SDG14 solution projects. I am standing on the shoulders of amazing people who have joined in an amazing collections of SDG17 partnerships from Austin, Cozumel, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, hundreds of exhibitors from the DEMA dive tradeshow, 100s of dive shops, dozens of dive certification and training groups, heads of SDG departments at Fortune 500 companies down to ultra small businesses, NGO groups, Universities, High schools, friends and family. However what SDG14 really needs is 8 billion Planet Ocean inhabitants working on the Ocean solutions. Sharing emails like this with UN Ocean solutions is one of my many SDG14 Ocean ambassador roles.

More Info

Here are some additional information that was shared with us to help spread the word about how to protect our oceans.

25 Tipping Points

Pushing our oceans past the point of no return.

Help The Environment

108 things you can do to help the environment.

International Year of the Reef

Tips to protect coral reefs.


Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals to transform our world.


Sustainable Development Goals Targets for life below water

The Ocean we need for the Future

Proposal for an international decade of ocean science for sustainable development.

Plans can change

Cancellation Policy, Marine Park Rules & Privacy Policy

Cancellation Policy

As a small dive shop, please understand that our spaces are limited. We are often booked full weeks in advance, so last-minute cancellations hurt our business. We truly appreciate it when divers let us know if they can’t attend any reserved dives as soon as possible.

Any cancellation made within 24 hours of a divers’ scheduled dive is considered a last-minute cancellation, and divers will be responsible for paying for the cancelled dive(s). Rental gear or specialty tanks won’t be charged in the case of a last-minute cancellation. If a doctor’s note is provided in the case of a medical issue/emergency, last-minute cancellations will not be charged.

Cancellation and Privacy
Cozumel Marine park rules

It Is Strictly Prohibited:

  • To use any sunscreen (including “reef-friendly” or “biodegradable”)
  • To stand on or take hold of the coral reefs
  • To carry spears, hooks, harpoons or explosives
  • To fish for, collect, disturb, or keep any marine life organism found in the Park (fishes, corals, shells, starfish, etc.)
  • To carry spears, hooks, harpoons, or explosives
  • To carry gloves or knives
  • To disturb or remove fauna and flora from their refuge
  • To feed any fish or animals in the Marine Park
  • To dispose of any kind of solid waste in the ocean
  • To dump fuel, grease, oil, or any other liquid substances into the ocean

We reserve the right to refuse service to any diver whose behavior is believed to be a danger to the safe operation of the boat or is harmful to the reefs. Drinking alcohol and diving do not mix. If you want a beer or margarita, please wait until you are done diving for the day. Please respect our marine park rules to help keep Cozumel’s reefs healthy.

Privacy Policy

We are very much aware of your concerns about the privacy of your information. We do not intend to infringe on your privacy and will not provide your personal information to anyone else.

When you provide your personal information such as name, address, email address, and telephone number, we will not give or sell this information to any outside company for any use. The information you provide will be kept confidential and used only to support your customer relationship with us. We have appropriate security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information we have collected from you at our site.

All of the information on this website, including the site design, graphics, and text, are the copyrighted property of Scubatony, Cozumel, Mexico. Any other trademarks, company names, product names, or logos set forth on this website are the property of their respective owners.